Stylenvy | Terms & Conditions
I am an event stylist with a passion for styling and designing. I capture the personal style and character of those celebrating or displaying. With a background in Styling, Hospitality and Event Co-ordinating, I’ve always enjoyed crafting beautiful and sustainable spaces that can be enjoyed by their users.
Prop Hiring, Shop Merchandising & Event Styling
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Rental Period

The normal rental period for crockery, props, furniture and accessories is 1-4 days. Any extension to the rental period must be agreed and specified in an additional rental agreement and extra charges may apply. Unauthorised extensions to the rental period will be charged at the current rates plus a daily £50 penalty.

Stylenvy agrees to rent crockery and accessories to the Renter for the period stated in the rental agreement. The Renter is fully responsible for the rented goods during the rental period that commences from the time the goods are collected by the Renter. The hire period finishes when the goods are returned by the Renter to Stylenvy. For the avoidance of doubt, goods returned by a 3rd party such as by post or courier are not counted as returned until Stylenvy have signed for them.

Collection and Parking

The Renter must collect and return goods to Stylenvy by appointment. Parking is available at the back of the store but a gate must be opened by myself or a colleague. Please contact us 15min before arrival.

Rental goods will be packed in crates. Please return it dry and intact. A charge of £5 will be made for every lost or damaged crate.

Please Note: The hired equipment is solely intended for use and storage indoors unless specifically designed and manufactured for use outdoors or for exceptions please check with myself. If the equipment is used or stored outdoors the hirer is fully responsible for damage caused by the weather or any other associated hazards.

Wash Up Service / Returns

All goods supplied by Stylenvy are clean and ready to use. Everything must be returned in good condition and should it not be clean and to a satisfactory level we reserve the right to charge 15% of the Rental fee after we have notified you by email or phone.

Cutlery and silverware must be hand washed or rinsed after use. Under no circumstances should scourers, abrasives or chemicals be used on any hired equipment.

Table linen must not be returned or stored damp or wet. Damage resulting from mildew, stains and burn marks will be charged at a full replacement cost.

Any missing items are charged at full replacement cost provided by stylenvy.

 Terms of Payment

When a Renter places an order, Stylenvy requires 50% upfront deposit payment of the total rental fee 3 months prior to the hiring, which is non-refundable from 14 days before the hire. The remaining balance is due on 7 days prior to collection. If an order is placed within 7 days of the hire, Stylenvy requires 100% of the Rental fee as a non-refundable deposit. A 10% refundable damage/lost deposit will be added to every rental. Should the Renter cancel the order within 14 days of the hire, the 50% deposit is non-refundable and if the order is cancelled within 7 days of the hire the 100% deposit is non-refundable. The damage/lost deposit fee will be refunded with any cancelation. No dates or goods are considered confirmed until a deposit has been paid.

If the Renter wishes to cancel the order, please contact me directly on 07833591144 or email me at as soon as possible.

The 10% refundable damage/lost deposit is charged at the time of hire, this will be returned once goods have been returned and checked for any damage or loss. The Renter will be informed within a maximum of 4 working days if there is any damage, missing or substituted items. Damaged rental goods will be charged anything up to the cost price of the item provided by stylenvy, depending on the damage assessed by Stylenvy and deducted accordingly from the Renters damage/lost deposit.